Valley of the Shadow
DOOM DANCE — Valley of the Shadow
Release date : Jan. 27, 2013
Label : AZ Studio
  1. Taste of Danger
  2. Play Merry Hell
  3. Not Asking Why
  4. I Wonder
  5. Suicide Committed
  6. Devil's Flame
  7. Hear My Only Cry
  8. The Game
  9. Dancing'n'Doomed
  10. Tell Me (Album version)
  11. I Need You
  12. Last Summer Night
  13. Shadow of Love




1. Taste of Danger
The millionth page of this play was turned over with neglect
You’re faced with a choice again, but this is just another act
It’s kind of self-delusion, same game with another toy
So, get ready, darling, do enjoy!

A touch of burning Sun to your dark eyes
Embreathed a spark of hope that makes you slough
The revelation of truth is cold as ice
Feel the taste of Danger now

You’re satisfying your lust, chasing thoroughly hidden aim
And begging for some trust but still get the same
The Time dots the i’s and crosses the t’s
Now you’re in a blind alley looking for the keys

2. Play Merry Hell
Snow and ice
Are thawing and old scars arise
Roll the dice We’ll see if hopes we’ve raised are wise
And only if the Night
Helps me in this fight
You will hear my call… that

This demonic spell
Plays merry hell with you
Just tell me how it feels
Tell me what it seems
Oh when you fall
Down on the sky
Full of the stars
Let me feel you near
Just like you’ve been there
Waiting for me

Oh how I wish I fell down on the sky

Take me there
Where the winter holds its breath
Where sounds from nowhere
Lead you to the secret path
See how through your hand
Time runs out like sand
Take a breath and then feel how…

Oh, you know, forever — it’s so long
I can’t wait anymore
Do you know when together’s like alone
It’s so cold, it is so cold!..

3. Not Asknig Why
Make a step towards me and fly to me
I will flow into your heart, dancing slowly
So come and play me a song of Love
So come and sing me an ode of Lust

Let’s make it all right
Anxious and shy
Without a lie
Not asking why
Feeling delight
While the time
Is our ally…

You’ll come to me and we will fly to the winds
Into the reign of Night we’ll take our treats
So dance with me to the song of Night
So play with me a game of obscurity

So take me by the hand
And we’ll make this twilight escape come true
And the only thing I know
That I wanna live this dream with you and I wanna do the same as you do

4. I Wonder
I’m looking at the raindrops falling down
And I can see the reflection of you
Scary trees are crowding me round
Your silhouette gets lost in the evening sky
And I wonder… I wonder…

If you still can feel me?
If you still can see me?

I’m walking deeper into the heart of brake
And I don’t care if I get lost as well
I’m looking where the ghost of you had gone
I still believe you that you were real
And I wonder… I wonder…

If you still can feel me?
If you still can hear me?
Cause I do still, still feel you…
Cause I can still, can hear you…

5. Suicide Committed
Looking out of your world’s window
You feel something strange
You can’t say that nothing’s wrong Watching inside through your mirror
You could see the bloom
In the very blossoming of wilt

Raging inside lifeless outside you’re defeated
Burying dreams just don’t have suicide committed

Make your life a fairy-tale Looking an escape
But so dangerous inside
Cherish hopes that someone needs you
They will make you strong
Until one day you open your eyes

Raging inside lifeless outside you’re defeated
Burying dreams оust don’t have suicide committed
Taking train to nowhere trying to leave it all
Is this the life you have dreamt of?

6. Devil's Flame
That’s the way you seem to me, my darling
It feels like we’ve met before
There’s something new and so exciting
Taste of lure and gore
And I know it for sure

We’re going down into the Devil’s flame, my Dear…
We’re getting right into his claws, I feel…

And I feel the beating of your heart
Hot breathing and cold shivers
And you can see I feel the same
I’m able and willing to be with
You, though you know

That’s the way I feel you my Darling
The way you feel me too
The way we feel each other
The way we’re going down

7. Hear My Only Cry
Time goes by
Life have died
I still hide
All the remains of pain I’ve tasted
All sparks of joy we’ve shared

The end of way is nigh
Hear my only cry
And I will give my breath to you
Come with me, please come
Be my only one
And I will be the one for you

Time passes by
Death stays alive
You still cry
Over happiness you’ve failed to save
Over grief and sorrow you’ve known

8. The Game
The game begins and your heart
Sprouts up with the coldest doubts
There is no warmth inside
There is only emptiness
You’ll never know the reason why
Where to find the answer
You’ll feed up hope in your blind eyes — in your eyes…

It will hold you down until you fall
It won’t set you free until you break
It won’t let you go

The game goes on and your heart
Is about to turn to stone
Don’t believe, it’s just a game
You will bleed anyway
You’ll never know the reason why
Where to find the answer
You’ll feed up hope in your blind eyes — in your eyes…

9. Dancing'n'Doomed
A tearing feeling of despair
Fills my heart with pain
And sets my hope aflame and dying bright
Your heart was colder than the ice
But able to inflame the fire
Of endless suffering and cries
So I am Dancing and Doomed…

The rain will tenderly shelter us
Deep into the night
Embracing darkness so insatiable
The Moon will fatally kiss the Sun
Burning down the light
And turn the agony unstoppable

Anew, I’m lost in labyrinth
Of countless apprehensions
And I can’t tell pain from pleasure
You are the nightmare I adore
Tender touch of a dagger
Tempting fear of delusion
So I am Dancing and Doomed…

10. Tell Me
Tell me, what you’ve got, tell me what you feel?
Tell me that I’m not terminally ill
Tell me what is wrong, tell me what is real?
Show me the remedy that will heal me

Tell me, what is heart? Tell me, what is stone?
Tell me how to be, to be so strong?
Tell me, what is dark, tell me, where’s home?
Give me some clarity how to end my roam

I feel you breathe inside me
Your heart beats right in my veins
Oh, will you set me free?
Will you crush these chains, tell me?

Tell me, what has gone, tell me what remains?
Tell me, what’s inside and on your face
Tell me when to hide, tell me when to chase?
Show me where the terrible lie and truth embrace?

Tell me, what is luck, tell me, what is fate?
Tell me what’s to leave and to create?
Tell me where’s the verge of Love and Hate?
Give me some theory of my wait, is this too late?

11. I Need You
Through six lives and sixty six deaths I’ve been looking for you and finally I went through
The thirteen million fears of losing dim traces of the path that leads to you

I need you
Till the death
Separates me from you
Darling I need you

For six hundred and sixteen nights I have been awake just not to miss you again
And six hundred and forty six drops of my blood I will sacrifice to you

And even if there are six million roads
I’ll pass them all to find you
I really know for sure I love you;
I need you My Love…

12. Last Summer Night
Let the shadow of hope
Fall on memories
Two different ways, one road
One step changes all
The rope around the neck
Tightens stronger
Fathomless and black
The chasm grows ahead of you

I cried and went insane
And hid all the hurt inside
I died and was born again
On the last summer night

A small drop in the sea
Can cause a violent storm
Dreaming endlessly
Of coldness turning to warm
Seeking for the answers
Reaching just deadlocks
Rewind the time as a tape
We’ll watch our life again…

What if we held the time? What if we caught the light?
And didn’t cross the line? What would be if we have stopped that summer night?

13. Shadow of Love
Kissing the shadow of Love you left me
I have reached the very soul of misery

And I stayed half alive
Became half dead
You took my life
And left the pain instead
Oh, I’ve been trying
But I can’t forget…