Greetings, our beloved fans!

On this page we’d like to address to you with our message-request.
If you have listened to our music, our singles and the new album and find our music interesting, and yet you have the desire and ability to help us — we’ll be happy to accept your help and provide the

Trust us, we will appreciate it!

Anyone who donate:
— More than $ 5 — will get a postcard from our band with autographs!
— Over $ 15 — will get signed CD with our album by mail!
— Over $ 50 — will get CD with our album and a bonus CD with our singles with autographs!
— Over $ 100 — will get signed CD with our album plus T-shirt with the logo of the band!
Now we list the ways in which you can donate:
  • PayPal

  • Moneybookers (Skrill)
    Recipient’s name: ANDREY ZUBEKHIN
    Recipient’s email address:
  • Webmoney
    Wmz: Z331322353564
    Wmr: R423656104294
    Wmb: B302004689088
p.s. Extremely important! If you donate — be sure to include message «doom dance donate», the information of your address, the date and amount of the contribution. And the better way is to send us a letter to our e-mail ( with all the details! Then we’ll know exactly where to send our gifts. Otherwise unfortunately we just won’t be able send them to you.